Dont trust in nobody because one day they will break your heart *-*

Anonymous Asked:
Aww, could we just friends? Haha

I dont know who you are but we can be friends of course :D Who are you? :)

Anonymous Asked:
ahhhhh you are so adorable(: kisses

OOO THANKS A LOT!!!! but i think that you are blind or something like that because look at my face LOOK AT MY FACE!! I am very ugly man/woman/dog (?). I am sure that you are more adorable than i am because look at me i can destroy a house with only one of my selfies :D When I was a child my ex-best friend always say me that i was like a shit of a fat man so my thoughts about me are very negative *-* But well THAAAAAAAANK YOU A LOT ANONYMOUS YOU HAVE MADE ME SMILE FOR A MOMENT :DD

(Sorry i have a bad english) *_*

How I look in photos